Down 2 Earth Kreations Presents

Alkaline Now 

100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

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With 108 Naturally Occurring Trace Minerals


Welcome to Alkaline Now

At Alkaline Now, we're on a mission to provide you with the purest and healthiest hydration experience. Our natural one-of-a-kind spring water sets us apart, making every sip an indulgence in wellness.

Discover the Alkaline Now Difference

Naturally Occurring Blend

Our water is enriched with 108 trace minerals, sourced directly from nature.

Purity and Sustainability: 

We're committed to sustainability and eco-friendly packaging, ensuring the planet stays as pristine as our water source.

Exceptional Taste: 

Experience the crisp and refreshing taste of pure hydration.

Health and Wellness: 

Alkaline Now water supports your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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Get to know the people and values behind Alkaline Now, driven by a commitment to health, sustainability, and community.

Dive into our mission to democratize access to pure, healthy hydration and revolutionize the water industry.

Learn about our investment opportunities and be part of the Alkaline Now journey.

Explore collaboration possibilities with a company dedicated to sustainable practices and positive impact.

Discover how you can contribute to our vision by providing essential materials and services.

Learn how Alkaline Now meets the high standards of government and military procurement needs.

Partner with us to bring Alkaline Now's refreshing purity to your shelves and elevate the hydration options for your customers.

Join a passionate team dedicated to making a difference through healthy hydration and eco-conscious           practices

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Ready to experience the Alkaline Now difference? Browse our website, discover the information you need, and join us on this journey to redefine hydration and well-being.

 Remember, at Alkaline Now, it's more than just water. It's a lifestyle.

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As part of the Alkaline Now family, you're not just hydrating but embracing wellness. Whether you're a customer seeking purity, an investor looking for opportunities, a wholesaler aiming to distribute, or a professional considering a rewarding career, we welcome you to explore our offerings.