Down 2 Earth Kreations Presents

Alkaline Now

100% Naturally Alkaline Spring Water

With 108 Naturally Occurring Trace Minerals

About Us 

Down 2 Earth Kreations, LLC is located in Florida and proud to debut Alkaline Now, a boutique Natural Alkaline Spring Water powered by Live Alkaline Water, our source.

This one-of-a-kind water flows through a natural, eco-friendly aquifer that dwells 800 feet below the surface of the Earth.

This high quality water contains a natural pH balance of 7.4-8.2 and has an alkalinity of 8.0 pH with 108 trace minerals that are filtered through rainbow colored rocks deep into Mother Earth.

The mineral bedrock naturally filters the water, therefore, no chemicals or additives are used to enhance the taste. Just 100% eco-friendly, natural, down-to-earth, alkaline spring water and FDA approved and certified.

Some of the benefits of drinking Alkaline Now Spring Water are:

Assists in pH balance restoration

Promotes increased energy levels

Helps reduce signs of aging as skin becomes more plump (Fountain of Youth :)

Provides extra hydration to your cells

Helps alleviate pain in menstrual cycles

Aids in regulating blood pressure

and blood glucose levels, and many other benefits.

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Alkaline Now Water Benefits


Alkaline Now Spring Water has 100% organic minerals that work together to naturally boost energy levels by cleaning your cells and ridding your body of toxins that can slow you down.


 Alkaline Now Spring Water is naturally full of electrolytes that stimulate nerves & muscles for optimal performance and assist in regulating blood pressure and cellular function.

Balanced Ph Levels

Alkaline Now Spring Water is naturally pH balanced, which means it works with your body by boosting its immune system to fight off disease naturally.


Alkaline Now Spring Water contains the highest levels of 100% organic, natural minerals that help keep the body functioning at its best and give it the fresh, pure taste that people love so much.

Powerful Antioxidant

Being 100% pure, Alkaline Now Spring Water helps slow down & reverses the damage done by disease-causing free radicals.